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Children’s Encyclopedia (IL) (Reduced Format)


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Jam-packed with information, photographs, charts and maps for additional study and research.

  • Links to over 150 recommended websites through the Usborne Quicklinks Website
  • Downloadable quizzes, word searches and activity sheets
  • Over 1,500 amazing photographs, illustrations and diagrams
  • Up-to-date information on hundreds of topics
  • Lots of free, downloadable pictures
  • Simple, safe activities and experiments
  • Maps of the world and flags of every country
  • Facts and records
  • Over 150 QR codes allow readers to access carefully selected websites, downloadable pictures and quizzes – straight to a mobile phone or tablet. An additional 750 internet links lead to a hand-picked selection of the best websites available on a desktop computer.

Series: Encyclopedias
These books are jam-packed with information, photographs, charts, and maps for additional study and research. They will introduce you to world history, from prehistoric times to the start of the 21st century, the whole field of geography, from rocks and their formation to weather and climates, and the whole field of science from physics, to information technology.

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