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Cranky Paws


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It is Trump’s job tohelp the sick animals and Trump’s dog senses are so acute she often drawsconclusions before the humans have even begun to think! Trump tells the storiesof the animal patients and their families and provides young readers withanimal tips, vocabulary words, and a new understanding of the animal world. Allthe patients are interesting, but some are more interesting than others… 

 “TakeCranky Paws the cat, for example… Her name wasn’t really Cranky Paws, butthat’s what Dr. Jeanie and I called her. I’d never met a cat who was so determinedto hate everyone!”


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Series: Pet Vet
Trump is a Jack Russell terrier and she’s also an ALO, an Animal Liaison Officer, whose job it is to help take care of and calm all the animals who come to Pet Vet clinic to see her owner, Dr. Jeanie.

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Library, Paperback