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Fractions, Money, and Decimals – Level 3


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This set includes 144 challenges (12 cards with 12 challenges per card) and focuses on the concepts of FRACTIONS, DECIMALS and MONEY, identification of FRACTIONAL PARTS of GROUPS and WHOLES, COMPARING FRACTIONS, EXPLORING EQUIVALENTS, dealing with TENTHS as DECIMAL FRACTIONS, matching COMMON FRACTION EQUIVALENTS, introduction to HUNDREDTHS, and APPLYING DECIMALS to MONEY, COUNTING and MAKING CHANGE.

This product meets the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards. Each card is SELF-CORRECTING.

These cards develop Numeration skills.

Card 1 — Identifying a fractional part of a whole.
Card 2 –Identifying a fractional part of a group.
Card 3 — Comparing fractions.
Card 4 — Identifying equivalent fractions.
Card 5 — Identifying decimals (tenths).
Card 6 — Matching decimals (tenths) with fractions.
Card 7 — Identifying decimals (hundredths).
Card 8 — Comparing fractions.
Card 9 — Counting money (coins and bills).
Card 10 — Matching money amounts to coins and bills.
Card 11 — Counting change from a purchase.
Card 12 — Adding and Subtracting with money.

To be used in conjunction with the “Learning Palette Base”, part number LP-B100.

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