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Ludwig the Space Dog


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Ludwig lives in a book with his friends, and everything in their world is made of paper – including them. Ludwig loves to read about different galaxies and planets; he wants to be an explorer. Then one day, something from another dimension crashes into Ludwig’s life . . . and he may finally get the chance to take off.

Put on the included 3-D glasses and watch the world of Ludwig and his friends – both close to home and far away – come alive.

Ludwig the Space Dog is a magical picture book. Even without the 3-D glasses, the illustrations are rich and layered, bursting with details. And even without the illustrations, the text is a beautiful, accessible homage to the power (both literally and figuratively) of books.

Series: Ludwig
3D adventures unfold for the amazing dog, Ludwig. See his explorations as he travels further than any dog has ever gone! 3D glasses included!

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