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Slot-Together Theater


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Nutcracker and Mid Summer Nights Dream come to LIFE as your child can put on these plays over and over again.The sturdy punch-out pieces fit together to make the theater and the child can change the scenery, put up and down the curtain, read the script for the characters as they act out the plays.The QR codes can be scanned to even play music for the various scenes.

Slot the different pieces together in order to build your own theater. There are set pieces to create and play out two famous plays: The Nutcracker and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There’s different scenery to slot into the theater for scene changes and of course, all the characters and everything you need to put on those two productions. There are six sets of scenery altogether. In the book, you get text and instructions for how to put the plays on, as well as QR codes for specially arranged and produced music to go along with your plays.

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