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1st Grade Reading Center Kit


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The Learning Palette Reading Intro Pack is an ideal way for children to have fun learning important basic phonetic, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and word usage skills.

Each 1st Grade Reading Intro Pack includes 1-Learning Palette Base and 5 curriculum packs. Each Intro Pack will include curriculum that is grade appropriate and will provide material to last the entire school year. Each pack will offer challenges and opportunities for students at all levels and has been designed to meet state and national educational standards. Packaged in a unique clear vinyl carrying case, Learning Palette Reading Intro Packs will be great for travel, summer study, and fun day to day learning.

Card sets included: Blends & Digraphs, Reading Comprehension – Level 1, Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives, Vocabulary – Level 1, and Phonics.

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