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2nd Grade Math Center Kit


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A Learning Palette Math Intro Pack is the ideal way to help children enjoy and understand all aspects of important mathematical concepts. Each Intro Pack includes curriculum written at the specific grade level of your child. Did you know your child can learn and understand Algebra, Geometry, Probability, as well as Numeration problems as early as First Grade and Second Grade. With Learning Palette Math Intro Packs your child will have FUN and be CHALLENGED to learn the appropriate mathematical skills necessary in his or her grade level.

Each Intro Pack includes 1-Learning Palette Base, and 6 Curriculum Packs (3-Numeration titles, 1-Algebra Concepts, 1-Geometry and Measurement, and 1-Probability and Statistics). Each title which includes 12 curriculum cards has been written to correspond with standards established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Packaged in a unique clear vinyl carrying case, Learning Palette Math Intro Packs will be great for travel, summer study, and fun day to day learning.

Card sets included: Adding and Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers, Understanding 3-Digit Numbers, Money, Fractions and Simple Multiplication and Division, Algebra Concepts Level 2, Geometry and Measurement Level 2, and Probability and Statistics Level 2.

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