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Beginning Consonant Sounds


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Research has shown that phonics instruction helps children recognize familiar words and decode new words. This set of cards gives children practice in identifying beginning consonant sounds. To complete a card, children look at a picture, name the picture, and listen for the beginning sound. Then children match the sound with the written letter. An understanding of the correspondence between letters and sounds is the basis of phonics instruction.

Includes 144 challenges: 12 cards with 12 challenges on each card. Each card is SELF-CORRECTING.

These cards give children practice in:
• auditory discrimination
• visual discrimination
• letter recognition
• letter-sound correspondence

The consonants are presented in this order:
Card 1 – m, s, t
Card 2 – p, n, k
Card 3 – review m, s, t, p, n, k
Card 4 – c, r, j
Card 5 – b, f, g
Card 6 – review c, r, j, b, f, g
Card 7 – d, h, l
Card 8 – q, v, w, y, z
Card 9 – review d, h, l, q, v, w, y, z
Card 10 – review consonants
Card 11 – review consonants
Card 12 – Review consonants.

To be used in conjunction with the “Learning Palette Base”, part number LP-B100.

Please click here for a flash demonstration.