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Drowned Kingdom, The (Book 4)


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Four unlikely heroes, four mysterious gifts, four impossibleelements, five thrilling books.

Four unlikely heroes are forced on a perilous quest to savetheir people. But first, Tom, Elanor, Sebastian and Quinn must escape theoverrun castle. Only they can find the four impossible elements needed to wakethe sleeping warriors of the legend. Only they can drive back the darkness thatreigns over the land.

I’ve heard of a kingdom that was flooded and drowned…
And that is where the sea serpents live…

Quinn, Sebastian, Elanor and Tom have found a dragon andconquered the dreaded Beast of Blackmoor Bog. Only one item remains on theirimpossible quest—the scale of a sea-serpent. Now they must journey to thedrowned kingdom, where they will face their deadliest challenge yet. And therethey will uncover the truth behind all that has happened… the truth that willchange everything.

Series: The Impossible Quest
Four unlikely heroes, four mysterious gifts, four impossible elements, five thrilling books.

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