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Geometry & Measurement Grade 3


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This set includes 144 challenges (12 cards with 12 challenges per card), which provide problems regarding perimeter, area, cubic measurement, geometric forms and terms, simple graphing, and various units of measurement.

This product meets the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards.Each card is SELF-CORRECTING.

These cards develop Geometry and Measurement skills.

Card 1 — Use dimensions to find perimeter.
Card 2 — Use dimensions to find area.
Card 3 — Use cubes to match volumes with dimensions.
Card 4 — Find coordinates using plot graphs.
Card 5 — Match the name to the shape.
Card 6 — Match the name to the shape.
Card 7 — Match the equal lengths.
Card 8 — Complete the symmetry.
Card 9 — Match lengths to time.
Card 10 — Match the minutes to the hours.
Card 11 — Find points on a plot graph.
Card 12 — Find temperature using thermometers.

To be used in conjunction with the “Learning Palette Base”, part number LP-B100.

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