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About 6 inches by 8 inches, our Foil Art Oceans comes in a highly collectible format in a PVC wallet. Each wallet contains a 16-page book of practical, lovely projects to make and draw, 10 picture cards and 40 pieces of very shiny foil.
Here’s what you do – each card picture is divided into little shapes, which are sticky underneath. You peel off the stickers, one at a time – start anywhere – and put a piece of foil on top. It has to be shiny side up, then you just rub down on the foil with your finger. Any color you like. No extra tools needed! Just a finger!
When you’ve finished foiling the picture, it’s time to make something with it. There are lots of ideas for each picture. There are birthday cards, picture frames and more: easy and fun and different and creative and … shiny.

Series: Foil Art
Super-shiny colored rub-down sheets make each page a beautiful art project. The wallet-style binding makes it perfect to keep your unfinished art and rub-down sheets until you’re ready to use them.

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